RV jack pads
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Whether you’re stabilizing your RV, pull-behind camper, horse or stock-trailer, you need a convenient and durable RV jack pad that is available at a moments notice and doesn’t force you to “play in the mud.”

Outdoors for Life's RV Jack Pads are made from a super-strong industrial grade plastic composite. It's flexible enough to provide stability, even on uneven terrain, yet it always returns to its original form.

Each set of RV jack pads comes complete with a storage bag and our everlasting handles made from aircraft grade galvanized wire rope for easy gripping. Plus, our design allows the pads to be removed easily from soft soil conditions and to be cleaned or stored without a mess in the RV.

Each RV jack pad is backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY. You break it, we replace it. No questions asked.

Tested under 15 tons of pressure, our RV jack pads would deform but not break or exhibit any signs of stress. We’re so confident in the quality and durability of these pads, that they are guaranteed to last forever under normal use.

The standard sizes are 12, 14, or 16 inch square, and one inch thick and can be ordered in sets of 3-5. Pads can also be custom made in any size and shape.


  • Industrial Grade Plastic Composite
  • Aircraft Grade Wire Rope Handle
  • Rounded Safety Edges
  • Kits Include Storage Bag

Standard Sizes

Storage bag included. Prices do not reflect shipping.

Kit Qty Size Price
4 12"x12"x1" $150
4 14″x14″x1″ $183
4 16″x16″x1″ $197

Custom sizes are available without minimum order quantity.

Engraving Available

Have your name and phone engraved in RV pads for only $20. This is a great feature for the forgotten pad.