Outdoors for Life ladder pads
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Outdoors for Life ladder pads are designed to increase the footing area for ladder stabilization. The ladder foot sits within the dockets and under the anti-kick out bar, which prevent sliding. Metal stakes and rubber grips allow for stabilization of the ladder pad on natural and/or artificial surfaces. The built in straps attach to the third step of the ladder for extra vertical support.

OFL ladder pads are designed to increase the footing stability, help prevent kick-out, prevent sinking of a small ladder foot, and aid in preventing accidental movement of a ladder.

These pads are made with the same proven material used for our outrigger pads and are the lightest, most durable ladder pads available.


  • Standard size: 12"x24"x1"
  • Made from 100% UHMW material in high-visibility safety yellow
    • Material rated up to 100,000 lbs
    • Resistant to chemicals, oils, and moisture
    • Allows for easy cleaning when necessary
  • Rubber gripped bottom is designed for gripping smooth surfaces
  • Includes metal stakes with hole inserts to secure the pad on dirt surfaces
  • Ratchet strap attaches to third step on ladder for additional securement to the pad
  • Features stainless steel wire rope handles
  • Includes innovative multi-directional anti-slip surface for safety
  • Rounded edges for employee protection

Custom sizes available with no minimum orders.