crane pads from Outdoors for Life
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Outdoors for Life crane pads are made from 100% UHMW materials with no adders or recycled materials. They feature a rough anti-slip surface to help prevent injury. Our 2″ crane pads have been tested to over 200,000 lbs, and they are approved by bucket truck manufactures for use with their equipment. Our crane pads will not break under these loads, so we can guarantee them forever.

Help protect your employees and comply with OSHA CFR 1926.1402(b):

The equipment must not be assembled or used unless ground conditions are firm, drained, and graded to a sufficient extent so that, in conjunction (if necessary) with the use of supporting materials, the equipment manufacturer's specifications for adequate support and degree of level of the equipment are met.

Product Features

  • Made from 100% non-recycled UHMW
  • Comes in high-visibility safety yellow
  • Stainless steel wire rope handles – free handle replacement if ever required
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Multiple directional anti-slip surface
  • Free customer name and phone number engraved in each crane pad ordered

Standard Sizes

Size Weight
24”x24”x1” 20 lbs.
30”x30”x1” 33 lbs.
36”x36”x1” 48 lbs.
48”x48”x1” 80 lbs.
18”x18”x2” 24 lbs.
24”x24”x2” 40 lbs.
30”x30”x2” 63 lbs.
36”x36”x2” 90 lbs.
48”x48”x2” 162 lbs.

Custom sizes are available with no minimum order quantity.