Crane Pads

OFL is out there to help you protect;
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Crane Pads

How does outdoors for life pads differ from others on the market?

OFL is the first and only outrigger pad manufacture to provide multiple directional anti slip surface on each outrigger pad. We are looking to protect you from every angle.

OFL uses 100% uhmw materials with no adders or recycled materials. OFL 2″ pads have been tested to over 200,000 lbs. And approved by bucket truck manufactures for use with their equipment.

OFL outrigger pads will not break under these loads we can guarantee them forever.

OFL handles are fastened in a position which keeps them clear of the outrigger foot and provides protection from wear. The handles are made of aircraft grade steel rope and bolted to the pad. All this makes a handle that will last forever with your pad.

Outdoors for life takes into consideration the field user of our pads.

we also texture the surface of our pads so they are not slippery if covered with snow or water. Even with this texture they still clean up easily.

OFL is the leader in creating the rough anti-slip surface, all due to the field experience we have and build into every outrigger pad.Temperature tolerant and very durable, they are the best pads in the industry.

Why not use the best pad available?

Custom Sizes available with no minimum orders.